The Perils of Online Education

The concept of online education is comparatively a new one which made its presence felt in the modern world. The web-based learning has been widely accepted and students all over the world are choosing this type of learning feeling it to be a convenient one. In this busy world, majority of students are inclined to continue with their job and maintain their education. The emergence of online education has helped their cause and it has led to the growth of interest among the students to opt for higher studies without much hindrance. Having mentioned all these, we cannot ignore the Perils of Online Education, which it brings along with it.

We are grateful to the advent of internet and computers that we can gather and disseminate information to and from various countries of the world. The students are mostly unaware of the Dangers of Online Education and thus cannot identify the indirect harm it can cause to the students. This is an open truth that people access computers for indulging in various kinds of naughtiness and those who get easily carried way, are prone to get affected by the gimmick of computer world. It has been noted that the students who are given the liberty to access internet, do not utilize their scope of enriching themselves. The Perils of Online Education lies on the fact that the students are becoming addicted to computers and they are slowly isolating themselves from the society.

Unlike the traditional education system, where the students have to abide by some strict rules and regulation, online education does not impose such restrictions and that has led to the rise of various threats for the future. Students are often found to go wayward and instead of gathering information about their courses, they surf the net for various other reasons. The students, who have the apathy for continuing with their disciplined student life, often choose online education, so that they can continue with their misdeeds and take maple leisure while studying. Different studies reflect on the fact that having an easy access to computers, students log on to pornographic sites. This is among the Perils of Online Education which diverts the studentsÂ’ attention towards their studies. Since they do not have the need to attend regular classes, they lose the momentum of studying on a regular basis.

Apart from the above mentioned dangers; online education encourages delinquency among the students. It is often found that a student spend hours after hours in front of their computer trying to focus on those subjects which attract their juvenile and immature mind. As the online education allows some undue liberty in terms of giving examination and submitting the assignments, they take it for granted and focus on other digressive subjects. the Perils of Online Education is further extended as long duration of staying in front of the computers leads to health hazards including stress injuries, eyestrain, obesity etc. All these factors make the parents raise their eyebrows and ask as to Why Online Education is given so much priority these days?

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