The Limitations of Online Education

Every development has its advantage and limitations. Throughout the history, we have seen various inventions and innovative systems, which are neither completely a boon nor completely a menace. Likewise, online education, which has become so popular these days, does not come totally free of any defects. Although we are all aware of the fact that online education has gifted the students with a multiple range of facilities and tempted them to leave the traditional system, there is non denial to the fact that the Limitations of Online Education are also quite prominent. Various researches and studies are being conducted which finds out the traces of limitations of this new learning system.

Those who are aware about online education and used to this term, will have some striking revelation that this notable style of learning and acquiring foreign degrees have certain shortcomings, which cannot be ignored. To be candid, we all study keeping in mind the return we will get in future. But the fact lies, still majority of industries are not willing to acknowledge online degrees and they prefer to hire professionals who have undergone traditional education. Owing to the fact that most of us are yet to shed off our belief that traditional education system is the best way to groom a student. Among many other demerits the Limitations of Online Education the most striking one is that the students are sometimes given undue liberty.

Unlike in the traditional colleges and universities where the students are forced to keep up with professor’s assignment schedule and run the risk of failing, online education does not have that restriction. Since no one is there to check to your progress on a regular basis, you become responsible for your own education and often lead to negligence. Lack of scope to enhance the oral communication skills of the students is also among the Limitations of Online Education. Constant interaction through email or text chatting does not help their cause. It is often proved that online education imbibes in the individual the lack of motivation, which proves to be detrimental to their career. Although we strive to learn from online education, we tend to become more inclined on pursuing the busy life. As people argue about Why Online Education, these demerits should be kept in mind before opting for this type of education.

It is a common tendency among the students opting for online education, to shirk from their regular touch with the course materials, and they cannot avail the opportunity of hearing the questions and discussion from other students. The Limitations of Online Education gets widened when we consider the reality that there are various fraud online universities and colleges whose online degrees is not recognized. Moreover, you cannot always get all the online courses on your chosen subject as the list of subjects is limited. Another major disadvantage of online education is lack of interaction. You aren’t in a classroom and don’t have the opportunity to. Although there are professors who communicate with their students through chat and e-mail, yet the spontaneity and swiftness of action is lost.

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