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May 10, 2017

The Cost of Online Education

The aspect of online education worldwide is known to be one of the modern ways to support technological advancements, which has promoted the aspects of Internet learning. Online education by all means is known to differ a lot from its traditional counterpart when we evaluate it strictly in terms of cost aspect if a detailed cost analysis is done to formulate a trade off between the costs incurred in availing either of these two forms of education. The general trend that’s observed, forces us to infer the fact that in the short run, ways of teaching online are far more expensive than the traditional methods. However when ever we think of the long run scenario, these online methods of imparting education are found to be much more cost effective than their traditional counterparts. The aspect of the Cost of Online Education plays a key role in determining the role of online education in an individual’s life.

The probable explanation for this particular fact happens to be that in the short run the registration charges for securing a legitimate candidature in any particular online course is much higher than the admission fees for a traditional course, both dealing with the same field of study. This cost becomes substantially minimized in the long run for online education mainly due to 2 aspects. Firstly for online education no tuition fees are required to be paid by the subscriber. However for its traditional counterpart, fees are required to be paid either on a monthly basis or based on semesters which ever is applicable as the Cost of Online Education based on the format of the course. Secondly in case of traditional education books and other relative study materials and their specific prices needs to be borne by the student where the concerned educational institute has no role to play.

The educational institutes are there for imparting education and any kind of further information and references in relation to a particular field of study corresponding to traditional way of teaching needs to be arranged by students. The above-mentioned scenario is found to be just the reversed for online education. This is because of the fact that in case of online education the books and the related study materials are available in the form of e books which can either be downloaded to the subscriber’s personal computer or made available to them with the help of images. An additional example brings to focus the fact that in case of most of the online educational courses there is no particular examination fees, something that’s definitely charged if you opt for traditional education and pursue a career out of the very same.

The online educational service provided though being thorough professional is known to be some kind of cess or educational concession in case of non-profit earning organization. Even the price that’s charged by these online educational service providers are found to be very much competitive as per the prevailing market standards with close reference to profit earning organization. However when its already an established fact that the result of imparting online education to the employees of profit earning organizations can make them more competent and productive, these profit earning organizations find it a justified vehicle to invest upon.

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