Bridging Class Divide Through Online Education

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May 10, 2017
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June 10, 2017

Bridging Class Divide Through Online Education

The aspect of online education is also known to bring about a bridging of the factor of class divide that’s highly prevalent in the present society. The realm of online education has made it conveniently available for people of any class and society to avail of the facilities of education and knowledge through the aspect of the Internet. In most of the cases due to the traditional educational methods which have always been made available to few individuals has created the factor of class divide and has hence led to distinction among the individuals belonging to different classes and categories as either the privileged class or the under privileges class. There has always been a major difference between the categories of have and have not and some or the other traditional educational systems had maintained this divide among the classes. The gap between the classes, which is generally aggravated by traditional forms of education, is generally bridged through online education. Bridging Class Divide Through Online Education is known to have added to the new phenomenon of online education which catching up fast in popularity in the present generation.

In a developing country like India and in many other under developed countries of the world it’s seen that people of lower class and castes don’t have proper access to the ongoing educational system as found to be prevalent in that specific society. However the government of almost all the UNESCO and UNICEF members has agreed upon the fact to provide equal educational facilities to all sections of the society irrespective of their caste and creed. This is however just the hypothetical declaration that’s seldom practiced in India as per the traditional educational system. Here in India the Dalits and other downtrodden sections of the society, most of whom are found to belong to the lower division of the Indian society are found to be victims of denial of access to proper educational infrastructure, irrespective of the fact that some students belonging to these above mentioned classes are found to be above par in terms of merit. This problem that’s intimately associated with the Indian societal norm can be nullified in the truest sense of the word by proper implementation of online education system.

Over the worldwide web, no discrimination of any sort is made on behalf of the caste, creed or religion of a student. People belonging to different castes are eligible to secure a candidature to these online educational courses mainly in terms of their merits where caste system has no role to play. This has significantly enhanced the number of respondents belonging to lower sections of the society who are opting for online educational courses. The above mentioned example is well adequate in explaining the phenomenon of Bridging Class Divide Through Online Education as per the Indian context. However in spite of all these achievements a large section of the Indian downtrodden society still happens to belong to the uneducated class. This problem can also be solved by making these people computer literate at the very first instance and thereby recommending them to join those particular online educational courses that will help them to secure a stable job by leveraging all their acquired as well as mentored knowledge. By 2020 the Indian government hopes for the attainment of 90 percent literacy rate through online education, something that might just be highly instrumental in increasing the Bridging Class Divide Through Online Education.

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